Managed Backups

Our Managed Backup Service gives business owners peace of mind that their mission-critical business data is securely backed up in case of disaster. If mayhem strikes - whether it be human, cyber attack, environmental, or other Tech+ has you covered. We also offer HIPAA Compliant Backups for Health Care Industries.

Our Managed Backup Plans:


Local backup daily to an external hard drive. That hard drive is tested for errors before each backup. Version control (recover earlier versions of files - say you edited a document at 11pm and want to revert to the 4pm yesterday version) is standard.



Off-site backup in addition to daily local backups. Files are encrypted with 256 bit military encryption before being uploaded to the cloud. 



Off-site hourly backups to a local server in the Bay Area. If disaster strikes and your local backup is missing we can deliver recovered files on physical media faster than you can download them OR we can configure dedicated cloud backups (if a disaster hits an area and everyone is trying to download backups at once the connection slows on standard cloud backups service. Dedicated fiber to our Peer1 Servers and our 1Gbps Fiber connection at our Oakland office means we can recover your data faster in an emergency). This protection is standard with any of our website or application hosting.